Afghans who (1) are citizens of Australia, New Zealand and other countries, (2) were born outside Afghanistan and (3) do NOT have an Afghan Passport, need to obtain a Travel Permit Letter before traveling to Afghanistan. Please read the following information carefully.
  • 1. Appointment. There is NO need for an appointment as the service can be provided distanced.

  • 2. Visit In-person. NO need to visit the Embassy in-person. All required documents can be sent to the Embassy by post. Please include an Express/Registered return self-addressed envelope along with the required documents.

  • 3. Required Documents. 
       a) Travel Permit Letter. The applicant should complete the Travel Permit Letter. 
       b) Passport. A copy of applicant’s passport. The passport should, at least, have 6 months validity; 
       c) Birth Certificate. A copy of applicant’s birth certificate; 
       d) Current Residential Address. A copy of driver licence, utility bill or bank statement confirming the current              residential address of the applicant. 
       e) Parent's Consent Letter.  Consent letter needs to be completed and signed by parents (mother and father).         Embassy needs passport copies of the parents (mother and father). Embassy needs passport copies of the             parents(mother and father). The consent letter and copies of the passports need to be attested by JP (Justice         of Peace).
       f) Express/Registered Envelope. an Express or Registered self-addressed return envelope should be part of              the document package and sent to the Embassy. This envelope will be used to send back the Travel Permit              Letter to the applicant. 

  • 4. Fee. The Embassy does NOT charge for this service.

  • Note: All the above-mentioned document copies need to be attested (attesting the copy as the original only) by the JUSTICE OF PEACE. Unattested documents with not be processed.


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